Can I ask you for a little help?


this is not the regular issue of We Who Think (that will arrive next Saturday).

I’m writing to ask you for a favor.

Alberto and I published the first issue of We Who Think in July. Since then the growth has been exciting:

We are close to a 1.000 subscribers! 

So I have a little request for you… Help us reach this first milestone, faster!

Share We Who Think

The “We” in We Who Think doesn’t include just me and Alberto, but this whole community of thinkers… Yes, you too!

If you find that:

  • this newsletter is helpful,

  • this new growing community is safe and welcoming…

Share it with your smartest friends!

Ok, for now, that’s it. If you'll help us, thank you in advance. In any case, we really appreciate having you here.



PS I actually forgot something. Whenever you have a suggestion for the development of We Who Think, let us know. We read and answer every email.